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TV News Is A Tough Business

You’ve heard it before, “TV News is a tough business.” Well whoever you heard say it, wasn’t lying. I remember one professor telling a classmate, “if you want to get ahead in this business, work hard, keep your head down, your nose clean and avoid social gatherings with colleagues. Always remember, there is someone younger,

The Bad News About The News

“The Bad News About The News” is a piece by Robert G. Kaiser and by his estimation – things are NOT looking good for the business in which I’ve worked since the late 90’s! Kaiser writes, “accelerating technological transformation has undermined the business models that kept American news media afloat, raising the possibility that the great institutions on

Friday, October 17th

So much of what happens on the AM Show is at the mercy of our writers, producers and reporters like me. It is imperative that we (reporters/writers/producers & editors) constantly communicate and inform each other of the best choices for video and newest/latest developments. Management must effectively communicate their goals to the Executive Producer so they

Change is coming…

Working on so many things right now – beyond excited. My focus this morning, however, is on the Thursday Morning News – AM Show.  Much work to do!  I’ve been part of the ABC7 News team since December 2006 – wearing many hats. I know how to write a story, keep it tight and “drive