Anti Crime Campaign ‘Project Eject’

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) – A federal judge sentenced three Hattiesburg men last week under Project EJECT, which is an initiative by the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Southern District of Mississippi to reduce violent crime. On Wednesday, Judge Keith Starrett sentenced 25-year-old Alfred McCaskill, 20-year-old Christian Jamal Martin and 30-year-old Marcus Foster to serve time

Inmate deaths propel investigation of Mississippi Prisons.

For weeks, Mississippi’s prisons have been gripped by crisis. At least a dozen inmates have been slain or killed themselves, and feuding gangs have forced lockdowns. Images and videos taken on smuggled cellphones have highlighted deteriorating conditions, and legislators and activists have asked for federal intervention. The Justice Department responded to the turmoil on Wednesday

Impeachment Trial Winds Down

With Mr. Trump’s acquittal all but certain, some Republican senators have begun acknowledging that Mr. Trump’s pressuring of Ukraine for political investigations that would benefit him politically was inappropriate, or even wrong. But most say his actions, even if improper, do not clear the high bar for ejecting a president from office. His lawyers urged