Your Vote Matters

It seems like forever since San Francisco held its first ranked choice election, some would argue with mixed results.  Ranked choice voting (the locally preferred name for instant runoff voting) is used to conduct municipal elections in several Bay Area cities.  The Gate has already given their endorsements. Oakland and San Leandro in 2010 used

Saturday Afternoon News Meeting

Assignment Managers Ed Walsh & Andrew Smith discuss the hot stories of the day and ways to best execute coverage.  Joining them, are @KatieABC7  @svqjournalist @tacert & @LisaAminABC7. Of particular interest to the team,  how to advance coverage of stories that are trending on our social media platforms. One of the greatest challenges facing Ms. Tiffin, the Evening

Energy & Focus!

Grabbing a quick sandwich! Lately it has become difficult for me to focus & write once my energy level begins to fade – something the photographer with whom I work regularly, has pointed out to me on more than one occasion. “Nick, you’re turning into something that rhymes with ‘Nick’ but begins with a “D.”