Arlington, VA 15-year-old, Noah Coon, is headed to a Boston Red Sox game!

Noah lives with cerebral palsy which presents daily challenges because his condition affects his fine motor skills. He can walk independently, but physical activity is a struggle and, as a result, he often opts out of playing games and sports.

His mother states that he does not complain and does not give up; he just chooses a different route! Noah’s amazing spirit and love for others is a joy to behold. He participates in an adaptive Tae Kwon Do class and has played on a Challenger Little League team. Noah’s entire Dream Experience has been coordinated and planned by Dream On 3, a Charlotte-based nonprofit organization that makes sports dreams come true for children with life-altering conditions. Having loved the Boston Red Sox since birth, Noah is a die-hard fan just like his grandfather before him.

He loves to listen to the three-man commentating crew: “Eck” (Dennis Eckersly), (Dave) “O’Brien”, and Jeremy Remy. When asked about his sports dream, Noah emphatically says he would love to visit Fenway Park. Noah will attend a Red Sox game on July 31 and will have a VIP experience at the stadium. Additionally, because Noah has an interest in broadcasting, he will visit Boston’s CBS station.

Dream On 3 has planned a full 2 days for Noah and his family, which will include 1 night at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge, VIP transportation, plus dining, and additional activities. Dream On 3 (DO3) is a nonprofit organization that brings dreams to life by creating customized, personal experiences with a favorite athlete, sporting event, or sports team. The organization serves children ages 5-21 who are living with chronic illnesses, intellectual and developmental disabilities, or life-altering conditions. DO3’s unique programming model is designed to infuse faith, hope, love and joy into the lives of their recipients.

The organization has received overwhelming support from the healthcare community, collegiate and professional sports communities plus other national organizations for their focus on this population of children with special needs.