Change is coming…

Working on so many things right now – beyond excited.

My focus this morning, however, is on the Thursday Morning News – AM Show.  Much work to do!  I’ve been part of the ABC7 News team since December 2006 – wearing many hats. I know how to write a story, keep it tight and “drive it forward.” Fortunately for me, I work with a dynamic team of talented producers who always find a way to build and improve on everyone’s submission.  There is definitely a “team” dynamic at 900 Front Street.

Newsroom - preparing to write AM script.

Newsroom – preparing to write AM script.

Now, we’re putting together the elements for broadcast. I’m continuing my connection to the Ebola story.  A second patient in the US has tested positive for the virus.  According to the CDC, the patient, a nurse, may have flown on a commercial jet while symptomatic. Well, this is causing some to question the safety of airline flights. I’m working on the precautions being taken at SFO.

Eric & Kristen are on the desk – Matt & Amy are in the field.  Amy is continuing her SF Giants hunt for the pennant. Matt is working on what is officially the story with the highest “yuck” factor: creepy guy touching little girls.