Da Move! ✈️ ?

No, I didn’t fall off of the face of the earth – but I did make a move to the other side of the country! I’ve been doing my best to adjust and reacquaint myself to life on the east coast.

Goodbye SF – Hello Philadelphia

The Move To Philly I’m a strong believer in feeling comfortable in my surroundings. Life in the military and then in TV News has afforded me the opportunity to live in more than 35 different cities – so, I’ve done done “Da Move” quite a bit. In the first few days after moving to a new home so much has changed that you can often feel completely overwhelmed by the lack of comfort and familiarity. I’ve found that it can take some folks up to a year or more to make the adjustment to new surroundings. I have a plan and a few tips I’d like to share if you’re planning a transition.

Cruise the Neighborhood

Found a local spot popular for Brunch – Green Eggs Cafe Yummy!

A great way to begin is to take a break from unpacking and see what the area has to offer. Locating the closest grocery and favorite food spots – are among the first things that I do. What I always suggest to others experiencing a move to a new neighborhood or city – GET OUTSIDE! Got kids? Well, don’t forget to seek out parks, a local bakery or farmer’s market and places that support your hobbies. Sports venues or cross-fit gyms, movie theaters or the library are all important to giving you a sense of place. And don’t just jump in the car or Uber, walk around your new neighborhood.

Time to Meet the Neighbors

I’m soooo “that guy”. I have no problem stopping, calling out and speaking to the people I see entering and exiting the homes near me. I always initiate introducing myself to my neighbors.

The Closest Neighborhood Grocery Store

With today’s busy lifestyle it’s not likely that they will come knocking on your door. But not everyone is an extrovert like me – or comfortable taking the lead, so, if approaching people “cold” is not your thing – then take your time and pick one neighbor a day to meet. That walk around the block I mentioned, could serve double duty and give you the chance to say “hello.” It’s helpful to establish yourself as a friendly person so the neighbors feel a sense of comfort as well. I’m of a “larger frame” and believe this could be intimidating to some – so, I always initiate. So far, it has worked well!

Join Stuff

Getting involved with community events and organizations is a great way to meet people. It’s also a good way to learn who the “mover/shakers” of your community are. If you have kids in school you will be meeting new families and have plenty of opportunities to get involved.

Coffee on the east coast is all ’bout Dunkin Donuts.

Social, sports or religious groups and clubs give you the best chance of meeting new people that share your interests. When I lived in Raleigh, NC – I found it impossible to go to church on Sunday and not be invited to things throughout the week: dinners, plays, community events and yes, Bible Study too. Trust me, new friends will help to make you feel at home.

Pro Tip: Don’t get frustrated. Don’t give up. Give yourself a year!

The most important tip I can give is for you to allow yourself time to adjust. It can take a year or two to get fully settled. However, don’t wait to begin. Meeting neighbors and finding your way around are important first steps that will help give you a sense of much needed comfort in the first few weeks in your new place.

I’m already “re-learning” Philly. I was an Anchor/Reporter here yeeeaars ago. So much has changed – but it’s clear the same great flavor that I remember, remains.