FOX5DC High School Turning Away Lunch Deliveries to Students.

A Kensington high school is cracking down on food deliveries ordered by students.

Albert Einstein High School in Kensington has established a checkpoint on the driveway leading to the school with a school security guard stopping “all traffic coming onto the property during lunch,” according to a post on the school’s website.

The unsigned post says the school does not allow food deliveries because “if it comes late the kids feel they have a right to be late to class and eat first or they do not have enough money to pay for food when it arrives.”

With the rise of businesses such as GrubHub, DoorDash and UberEats, students are able to order food via the internet and smartphone apps.

Einstein has a student enrollment of about 1,800 students, with 65% eligible for free or reduced-priced lunches, data the school system uses to determine a school’s poverty rate.

There is no school system policy on food deliveries.