Holiday Tipping – Who? How Much?

Between shopping for gifts, booking flights and buying enough groceries to feed all your house-guests, it’s easy to forget about one other holiday-related cost: tipping the people in your life that make it that much easier.


How Much Should You Tip During the Holidays?

Determining how much you are going to tip during the holidays comes down to a variety of factors and is ultimately up to your discretion.

Here are some factors to consider when determining how much to tip during the holidays:

Consider budget. First, make a budget of what you can afford and work within that to set your totals.

Prioritize. Make a list of the workers to whom you’d like to gift or tip and put them in priority order. You may not be able to give all service providers in your life a holiday tip, and that’s OK.

Know your relationship with the provider. Consider giving more to those with whom you are extremely close or interact regularly.

Consider years of service. Service providers who’ve been in your life the longest should be on the shortlist to get a little extra in holiday tips.

Factor in where you live. Based on your location, it may be customary to provide bigger Christmas tips. Tippers who live in larger cities tend to need to spend more.