The post-pandemic spending spree has started. Kayaker, Cyril Derreumaux, embarks on solo journey from San Francisco to Hawaii & Space junk damages International Space Station’s robotic arm!

Shoppers are emerging from their cocoons and aspiring to switch it up from sweatpants, stubble and streaming.

With each day, more Americans are getting Covid-19 vaccines. As spring temperatures warm up many parts of the country, consumers are booking plane trips, hitting the mall or watching a movie in a theater again.

 Retail sales rose 9.8% in March, according to the Commerce Department, as consumers wasted no time spending their $1,400 stimulus checks.

“Their balance sheet is in excellent, outstanding shape – coiled, ready to go and they’re starting to spend money,” JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said Wednesday on a call with reporters. He said consumers have $2 trillion or more cash in their checking accounts than they did before the pandemic.


Space junk damages International Space Station’s robotic arm. The wayward object punctured a hole in Canadarm2’s protective thermal covering, but the robotic arm remains functional.

Kayaking To Hawaii: Cyril Derreumaux launched his attempt to solo kayak to Hawaii from the San Francisco waterfront

Starting late May, 2021, Cyril will kayak across the 2,400 nautical miles of the mid-Pacific Ocean, from California to Hawaii.