The Walking Dead “No Sanctuary” Season 5 Premier – Recognizes Super Fans!

Admittedly, I am a die-hard The Walking Dead fan, so I get angry when they don’t “get it right.”

Through a few back-channels and using connections I’ve established over the years, I contacted someone affiliated with the show. See, I was bothered by what I thought to be a few flaws within the story-line for the show:

1. The Walker’s sudden attraction to fire (previously unexplained – more about THAT in a different post )

2. The “absolutely-ridiculous-non-explained-suspension-of-disbelief-needed-to-understand-the-Joe-hunting-Rick-plot” in Season 4.


Joe is hunting Rick because Rick is the man who killed Lou back at the safe-house Carl, Michonne and Rick had been hiding in. But there’s a problem. Joe NEVER “saw” Rick, so how in the heck does he KNOW who to look for and hunt down? WRONG!
Two of Joe’s guys beat Daryl & Rick and prepare to rape Carl and Michonne.

Rick eventually bites into Joe’s neck and blood flies everywhere – but between chews, neither Rick, writers or Joe, explain “how” he knew to look for Rick.

So, I told my friend about it.

“Well Nick,” he explained, “it’s in the novels.”
“Oh,” I responded, “so I need to read the book in order to follow the SHOW you’ve created for TV?”

Wrong answer.

Fast Forward – I was told a few other “Super Fans” had pointed out the “underdeveloped connection between Joe and Rick” and that “a creative way to recognize the deep fan commitment will be shown.”

Well you could’ve knocked me over like a “Walker” when, what to my television-glued eyes should appear in the Season 5 Premier “No Sanctuary”…this:

The dead/eaten remembered

The dead/eaten remembered









Carol Peletier, no longer the abused wife from Season 1, is the savior of the day!  Melissa Leon, a writer for The Daily Beast talks about Carol’s strength and the role of women in television dramas in her review of the Season 5 Premier.  Carole, like Hip-Hop Artist “Trina” was suddenly the “Baddest B” around!  So, as she’s walking through Terminus and moving through a room of candles.  Look closely.  There, surrounded by candles: “Nick Smith.”

Nick Smith

Names of those eaten/remembered at Terminus.










The candles (we assume) are lit to recognize those that have been eaten/sacrificed – “Nick Smith” “Amanda Knight” “Ben Ross” & “Ashley Bennet” are among those who had been killed/eaten and remembered. All Big Mouths expressing problems with the script? I can only speak for my own! 🙁


"No Sanctuary" Terminus - The Walking Dead Season 5 Premier

“No Sanctuary” Terminus – The Walking Dead Season 5 Premier

Coincidence? Maybe.  Will it stop me from watching, critiquing and questioning? Not likely. None of us is perfect.

I’m a “Super Fan” and I genuinely believe The Walking Dead to be among the BEST SHOWS on TV.  But…..details matter 🙂