Wednesday Morning News – AM Show

I’m part of the team providing AM coverage for the Morning Shows today. There are (3) Reporters: Matt Keller covering a remarkable rescue,  Amy Hollyfield with SF Giants Fever and me.  Our show Anchors, Kristen Sze and Eric Thomas, are veteran broadcasters responsible for setting the tone, pace and direction of our shows.

Veteran Writer Steve Hall

Veteran Writer Steve Hall

The toughest part, I’m sure all would agree – getting here between 2:45 & 3AM.  Ouch!   I’m fortunate to be paired with a solid writer, Mr. Steve Hall.  He and Norma Yuriar KNOW their way around a newsroom.  Their combined breadth of knowledge: ridiculously impressive.

As a team, we’re  considering what the last news source our audience had access to before going to bed.

Morning Writer Norma Yuriar

Morning Writer Norma Yuriar – Crafting and editing show for broadcast

If viewers are getting up at 4 or 4:30 a.m. it’s probably less likely they saw a late evening newscast, so simply updating stories from that broadcast may be a bit confusing for early morning viewers – that’s where our AM Executive Producer, Ms. Kerry Loring & producer Martin Ortiz come in.  They insist stories are fresh, relevant to our unique AM viewers, pithy but at the same time, packed with content.  The segments may be short in length, but it is NEVER short on information – they make sure of it!