Z-Burger Annual Burger Eating Competition!

Molly Schuyler Breaks Record with 32 Burgers in 10 Minutes Wednesday, July 3, 2019
First Place: Molly Schuyler – 32 Burgers – $1,500

Second Place: Dan Kennedy – 24 Burgers – $850

Third Place: Andrew Puhl -20 Burgers – $500

Forth Place: David Brunelli – 15 Burgers – $400

Fifth Place – Joe Menchetti – 11 Burgers – $300 Z-Burger Food

Molly Schuyler Defends Crown, Breaks Record at 10th Annual
Z-Burger Independence Burger Eating Championship Today

Molly Schuyler downed 32 hamburgers in 10 minutes to capture the 10th Annual Z-Burger Independence Burger Eating Championship which took place this afternoon (Wednesday, July 3) at the Tenleytown Z-Burger in Northwest Washington, D.C., crushing the previous record of 28 burgers in 10 minutes.

A 39-year-old mother of four who is in the process of moving from California to the DMV, Schuyler consumed 32 burgers in 10 minutes, pocketing $1,500 for her victorious feast. Her winning count beat Dan “Killer” Kennedy (West Decatur, PA) who finished with 24 burgers (equaling his 2018 count), Andrew Puhl (Shippenville, PA) in third place with 20 burgers, while two-time runner-up, David “Tiger Wings and Things” Brunelli (Philadelphia, PA) ate 15 burgers for fourth place, and Joe “Gentleman Joe” Menchetti (Cheshire, CT) was fifth with 10 burgers.

Runner-up Kennedy pocketed $850, with $500 to Puhl, and $400 for Brunelli. The fifth through 10th place contestants in the field of 15 won Z-Burger gift cards in varying denominations.

“The Z-Burger Independence Day Burger Eating Contest is truly a major event on the competitive food eating landscape,” said founder Peter Tabibian, proprietor of four Z-Burger retail locations and the popular Z-Burger food truck. “Our event continues to attract some of the top professional eaters from around the country every year. There’s always great anticipation leading up to our event, with inquiries from across the country from many of those within the competitive eating community. They consider us one of the real ‘go-to’ events of the year.”

Champion Schuyler concurred. “I love coming to the Z-Burger contest each year,” she said. “With the music, the DJ and the large crowds, it is always a really fun and festive atmosphere. The excitement of the event really pushes the competitors. I’ll be back every year.”

While that thought certainly spells potential doom for the other competitors, there’s no doubt that participants such as Kennedy and Brunelli also plan to return, promising that Molly’s reign is coming to an end.

After falling short once again, they will need to wait until 2020.