Are Pets Family? 🐶👼🏼🐱

California divorce courts go to dogs as pets gain status!  LOS ANGELES (AP/KBAK) — California courts could be going to the dogs — and maybe cats, too — under a new law granting judges authority to settle disagreements over who keeps the family pet in divorce cases the same way they handle child-custody disputes. Until

Say Whu? 🤔 Jilted Bride Marries Herself!

A woman decided she would marry herself in her dream wedding after being dumped three months before the big day. Laëtitia Nguyen, from France, had been with her fiancé for three years and the pair had spent a lot of time planning their $40,000 (£22,000) wedding. However, the 38-year-old was left heartbroken when her fiancé left her

Da Move! ✈️ ?

No, I didn’t fall off of the face of the earth – but I did make a move to the other side of the country! I’ve been doing my best to adjust and reacquaint myself to life on the east coast. Goodbye SF – Hello Philadelphia The Move To Philly I’m a strong believer in feeling